January 31, 2012

Dos Toros

Having moved from San Francisco to NYC, I've really missed good ol' mission-style burritos from hole-in-the-wall taquerias. I was on the hunt this past summer for an East Coast substitute and landed upon Dos Toros in the West Village.

Dos Toros was started by 2 brothers from the Bay Area. I'm guessing they used to eat at Gordos because that is what I was instantly reminded of upon biting into my giant burrito. The menu is straight forward and simplistic. They steam the cheese into the tortillas, load them up with fresh ingredients, and even throw in some high-fives to each other as the food is passed down the assembly counter. 

{Carne Asada Burrito}

This is the closest I've had to California burritos here. It almost makes me want to throw on my Cal gear on (Go Bears!), head down there, order a burrito, and pretend I'm back in college. 

What to order: Carnitas Burrito, Guac

Dos Toros
11 Carmine Street
West Village, NYC
(Union Square/UES locations too)

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