October 10, 2011

Fatty Crab

I came here after seeing War Horse at nearby Lincoln Center. Fatty Crab has spicy and flavorful Malaysian food, which is welcomed on the Upper West Side among many bland eateries.

We were starving and ordered a lot of food. I went in hoping to get the chili crab. The last time I had chili crab was at Straits in Burlingame. It was messy, spicy, and so freaking good. However, it sadly wasn't being served that day.

I enjoyed all of the dishes except for one, the special of the day. It was curry crab spaetzle. I guess I couldn't get over the thickness and sweetness of the sauce. While I didn't love it, my boyfriend and my dad both loved it.

So here's the run down of the food:
- Fatty Sliders: These were mini pork & beef spiced burgers with pickles and aioli. Usually sliders are dry but these were very juicy. Verdict: Order again.

- Bobo Chicken Satay: Chicken skewers with peanut sauce and rice patties. The peanut sauce seemed to have coconut or something shredded into it. While I couldn't taste what it was (kind of scary thought I suppose), it gave the sauce great texture. Verdict: Order to try.

- Steamed Buns: These had large slices of tender pork belly sandwiched between soft steamed white bun. They came with greens, hard boiled egg, and hoisin sauce. I've never had pork belly before so I was pleasantly surprised by this dish. Verdict: Order every time.

- Beef Rendang: This dish was my favorite. It was slow-cooked and seared beef in a curry sauce with pickles and rice. The flavor and heat were spot on. I kept looking at the bowl of beef wishing and hoping that it would magically refill. It probably didn't hurt that the beef feel apart with the touch of a fork. Verdict: Head to Fatty Crab just for this dish.

- Roti: The roti was also very welcomed. It was curry lamb shoulder with malay-style flatbread. I loved that the chef used lamb instead of another meat because it really went well with the curry. The actual roti was denser than I'm used to but still did its job by soaking up the curry lamb goodness. Verdict: Order again.

- Curry Crab Spaetzle: This was the daily special and the dish I didn't like. I went into it with wishing the dumplings were noodles so I guess I was waiting to hate it. The sauce was sweet and thick, not my thing. The noodles and lumps of crab meat were refreshing but in the end they were drowned by the sauce. Verdict: Don't order.

{Sorry, couldn't figure out a way to make this dish photograph well!}

Fatty Crab
2170 Broadway
(Between 76th & 77th)
(There are other locations too)


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  1. Everything looks delicious. The burgers with aioli sounds good. The pickles are huge compared to the rest of burger haha. Pork belly in the steam bun.... I need to order a lot!


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