September 29, 2011


Everything is better on a stick, right? Hot dogs become corn dogs, grilled meat becomes kabobs, and gelato becomes popbars. Why is this important you might ask? More like how is not?

At Popbar, authentic gelato and sorbet is shaped into simple popsicles. There are a variety of exciting flavors and a few are even dipped in chocolate. I tried the banana dipped in chocolate and my mom tried the mint dipped in chocolate. The banana was so creamy and flavorful. I was instantly transported to Balboa Island where I  felt like I was eating a Balboa bar/frozen banana combo.

These would be perfect on a hot summer day.

Head on down to the village, grab a bite to eat in a local restaurant and then hit up Popbar for dessert on-the-go. You'll be drawn in to the colorful display of cold pops. The only downside is the price. At $4-$7 per pop, it's definitely not an everyday splurge. Although I guess that splurges aren't supposed to happen everyday anyways :)

5 Carmine Street

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  1. Wow - my kind of place! So much choice! I wuld need about thirty trips just to make sure I had found the best one!

  2. Wow! This store has an interesting concept and I've never seen a popbar. It seems like it's a little costly for one Popsicle...but just slightly more expensive and I'm sure all the flavors are unique and stuff. I wonder if they would survive in winter time. We have custom of eating ice cream as dessert more than Popsicle right? Hope it will be good business in fall/winter months.

  3. This looks like the best idea. Ever!

  4. I confess I thought I read something different and did a double take. Eeek! Wowzers what a place! I want the one you were eating!


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