September 14, 2011


Picture this: waking up early and working hard all day only to come home exhausted and way too tired to even attempt to whip something up in the kitchen for dinner. We've all been there.

While it sucks, I'm pretty sure that this city has anticipated this scenario really well. There are tons of 'to go' places to pick up fast meals and when feeling really lazy tired, there is always Seamlessweb (who I guess dropped the 'web' part of their name but that's too confusing for me so I'm keeping it).

Unfortunately, most of the options aren't as healthy as cooking at home. When doing it yourself, you are in control and know everything that you are eating. I think that is one of the reasons why I like cooking.

Chop't bridges the gap between eating out and home-cooked. It's basically just like Coldstone but with salad instead of thousand calorie ice cream dishes. Skeptical? Ok, I'll walk you through it.

First, pick between a speciality salad or 'create your own'. Their specialities are really good so just go with that. Tell the guy behind the counter and off they go. After he puts all of the salad mixings on a giant cutting board, he picks up a mezzaluna knife and hacks up your salad into tiny pieces. He then politely asks you to say 'stop' when you want him to stop pouring the salad dressing you've chosen (choose the Spa dressings because they're low-calorie and taste the same). Voila!

{He does not look happy I'm taking a pic}
 {Santa Fe with Flatbread}
{Side Note: they have salt shakers on their tables, do people really put salt on their 
salads? I can't see how this would taste good. At all.}

This place is seriously my favorite 'fast food' place here. The ingredients are fresh and local. If there is no line, you can be in and out in 5 minutes. However, this place has gotten popular so there will likely be a line.

1460 Broadway (between 41st & 42nd)
(212) 354-3284
(They have multiple locations)

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  1. Oh I could go for some of that just about now! :)

  2. This is great "fast" food! The menu board looks very full - complicated or they just have lots of options? Well either way, it's nice to have healthy fast choice alternatives! I'd love this place too!

  3. I love the picture with all the different lettuce mixes in the background! And your salad looks delicious! Sounds like a great place to eat!


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