August 1, 2011

Walker Brothers The Original Pancake House

I ventured to Chicago this past weekend and practically ate my way through the windy city. My sister finished her classes for her Masters degree so my family and I were all about celebrating. Both my parents went to college in the Chicago area so they had a list of 'must eat' places to go.

First up? Walker Brothers. Midwesterners love their breakfast, as evidenced by the 1-2 hour wait in line outside the restaurant. We fortunately didn't have to wait that long when we decided to hit up the pancake house. We were seated right away and began the difficult decision making process of figuring out what to order. Everything on the menu sounded amazing. We decided on the famous apple pancake, banana pancakes, swedish pancakes, and the mushroom omelette.
Verdict: The banana pancakes were the best pancakes I ever had hands down. Fluffy, light, and perfectly cooked. My mom's apple pancake (a Walker Bros. tradition) tasted like a mix between a popover and a light apple fritter. It was probably more of a dessert than breakfast but so are many other 'breakfast foods' like stuffed french toast and chocolate chip pancakes. The other dishes did not disappoint either!

If breakfast is your favorite meal (like me), Walker Bros. is a must. After 50+ years of business, they have really mastered early morning comfort food.

Walker Brothers The Original Pancake House

153 Green Bay Rd
(between Isabella St & Oakwood Ave)
WilmetteIL 60091
(They have other locations too)
(847) 251-6000

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  1. being an ex-midwesterner, we do love our breakfasts. the original pancake house is incredible. the type of place where you end up waddling out the door, in a food coma. glorious!

  2. love places like this and Americans make great pancakes

  3. Ok, when you say Walker Brothers Pancake House, the only thing that comes to mind is the gift certificate that Lindsay Lohan's character won at the end of Mean Girls. I didn't even realize it was a real place until your review, haha. I'm glad to know it's not only real, but actually really famous and has great pancakes!

  4. @hamburgereatsme: that is totally what happened :)
    @Victoria: yes!! I forgot about that :) probably this location too since it was right next to Evanston where the movie took place

  5. I suddenly have a major craving for pancakes!!! Yummm!!!!


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