July 17, 2011

Lenny's Bagels

If you ask any New Yorker, they can tell you where to get 'the best' pizza or bagel in Manhattan. You might hear answers like Grimaldi's, H&H, Ess-A-Bagel, or something of the like. Typically the "best" places are in lower Manhattan and while delicious, I don't think they're delicious enough to spend 15 minutes each way on the subway to satisfy a craving I will probably regret while trying to fit in a pair of jeans. I digress. Anyways, I have found my own 'best' bagel place.

Lenny's Bagels (no, not part of the chain) makes a mean bagel. The crust is crispy but the inside is doughy. How do they do that? It's like magic. I usually get an onion bagel toasted with low-fat cream cheese. However, they do have a lot of different varieties, both of bagels and cream cheese. One bagel is even called "My Ex"which includes jalapeno and cheese. Oh Lenny, you're funny.

The shop is kind of run down so don't go expecting trendy decor or anything. Although, I'm pretty sure that's not what you would be thinking of if you are going to a bagel shop. They have a few tables in front but the good stuff is in the back. They have baskets of fresh bagels. (Tip: if you go early enough, the bagels are hot and there is no need to get them toasted. Think: Krispy Kreme hot sign). They have other staple bagel place foods like lox, tuna/shrimp/egg salad, baked goods, etc. But trust me, you're not going for that stuff, you're there for the bagels.

Bonus: Riverside Park and Central Park are located within 5 blocks of Lenny's. Grab some breakfast and  eat it in the park. It's the perfect Sunday breakfast.

Lenny's Bagels
2601 Broadway (at 98th), NYC
(212) 222-0410
*Cash Only*
Hours: Daily 6 am - 8 pm

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  1. Hi Claire! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate it.. Your photos on your blog are simple and beautiful. Also this bagel is really inviting. NYC is one place I dream of visiting.. Hopefully one day. Plus trying Lenny's Bagel. I saw it on Travel and Living Channel or TLC and made a note on that sometime back. Chat soon. Cheers, Jo

  2. YES YES YES!!! THAT'S MY BAGEL PLACE!! i live right near there and i swear by it. so glad someone agrees!!!

  3. @Chic & Gorgeous Treats: You should visit! It's definitely like no other place in the world
    @MollyYEH!: Ahhh I love it! I'm obsessed with them. If I wouldnt gain like 1000 pounds by eating there every day, I totally would do it

  4. I wish they delivered outside of the NYC area...why is it that bagels outside of NYC just never taste the same?


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