April 5, 2012

Wafels & Dinges

While I might not really know how to pronounce speculoos, I sure know that it's delicious. Whoever decided to make the tasty biscuit cookies into a nutella-like spread is god's gift to the culinary world.

So how do you eat speculoos spread? On anything and everything....your finger, a spoon, toast, strawberries, ice cream...the list really goes on and on.

Wafels & Dinges came up with the brilliant idea of spreading it on warm, fresh belgian waffles. The combination is out of this world. And it's what makes W&D one of my favorite food trucks.

Wafels & Dinges
Multiple Locations, NYC

February 20, 2012


I put together a list of some of my favorite eats in New York and San Francisco. While I haven't even begun to scratch the surface, these are currently the top places in my book.

Have you been to any of these? Have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

{The list can be see under Favorites tab at top of page}

New York City
Favorite PizzaKeste (West Village)
Honorable Mentions: Artichoke Pizza at Artichoke Basille (Chelsea), Cheese Pizza at Sal and Carmine's (Upper West Side)
Favorite Bagel: Lenny's (Upper West Side)
Favorite Sushi: Still Searching
Favorite Korean BBQ: Bulgogi at Do Hwa (West Village)
Favorite Calamari: Jane (West Village)
Favorite Fish: The Mermaid Inn (Upper West Side)
Honorable Mention: Extra Virgin (West Village)
Favorite Dim Sum: Golden Unicorn (Chinatown)
Favorite Custom Cocktail: Mulberry Project (Lower East Side)
Favorite Brunch: Bubby's (Tribeca)
Honorable Mention: Blue Ribbon (West Village), Aquavit (for Easter Brunch) (Midtown)
Favorite Salad: Chop't (Multiple Locations)
Honorable Mention: Greek Salad with Chicken at Westville (Multiple Locations)
Favorite Food TruckWaffles & Dinges
Favorite 'Healthy' Place: Energy Kitchen (Multiple Locations)
Favorite Noodles: Bun Xao at Saigon Grill (Upper West Side)
Honorable Mentions: Spicy Cumin Lamb Noodles at Xi'an Famous Foods (Chinatown)
Favorite Chinese: Sesame Spinach at Sammy's Noodle Shop (West Village)
Favorite Ramen: Ippudo (East Village)
Favorite Cookie: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie at Levain Bakery (Upper West Side)
Favorite Donuts: Coconut Cream Donut at Donut Plant (Chelsea)
Favorite Cupcakes: Baked By Melissa (Multiple Locations)
Favorite Sandwich: Pastrami on Rye at Katz's Deli (Lower East Side)
Honorable Mention: Sergimmo Salumeria (Hell's Kitchen)
Favorite TacosFonda Nolita (Nolita)
Favorite Hot Dog: Jon-Jon Deragon at Crif Dogs (East Village)
Honorable Mention: Recession Special at Gray's Papaya (Upper West Side)
Favorite BBQ: Ribs at Dinosaur BBQ (Harlem)
Favorite Crossiant: Balthazar (Soho)
Favorite Ice Cream: 16 Handles (Multiple Locations)
Favorite Pork Buns: Fatty Crab (Multiple Locations)
Favorite Family Style Italian: Carmine's (Multiple Locations)
Favorite Dosa: Hampton Chutney Co. (Upper West Side)
Favorite Cake: Creme Brulee Mille Crepe Cake at Ayza (West Village)
Honorable Mentions: Junior's (Multiple Locations), Nutella Banana Chocolate Chip Cake at Little Cupcake Bakeshop (Nolita)
Favorite Pie: Crack Pie at Momofuku Milk Bar (Multiple Locations)
Favorite Burrito: Dos Toros (West Village)
Favorite Chicken: BLT Market (Central Park South)
Favorite Burger: Original Five Napkin Burger at Five Napkin Burger (Multiple Locations)
Honorable Mentions: Spotted Pig (West Village), Shake Shack (Multiple Locations)

San Francisco Bay Area
Favorite Pizza: Cheeseboard (Berkeley)
Honorable Mention:  Goat Hill Pizza (Potrero Hill)
Favorite Bagel: The Bagelry (Russian Hill)
Favorite Side Dish: Crispy Potato Puffs at Gregoire (Berkeley)
Favorite Sushi: Joshuya (Berkeley)
Favorite SandwichIke's Place (Castro)
Honorable Mentions: Lucca's Delicatessen (Marina), Saigon Roast Pork Sandwich at Out the Door (Ferry Building)
Favorite Ice Cream: Loving Cup (Russian Hill)
Honorable Mention: Salted Caramel Ice Cream at Bi-Rite Creamery (Mission)
Favorite Bakery: Morning Bun at Tartine (Mission) 
Honorable Mention: Miette (Ferry Building)
Favorite Tacos: Pancho's (Nob Hill)
Favorite BrunchForeign Cinema (Mission)
Honorable Mention: Just For You Cafe (Dogpatch)
Favorite Mussels: Coconut Broth Mussels and Truffle Fries at Plouf (Financial)
Favorite Calamari: Crow's Nest (Santa Cruz)
Favorite Hot Dog: Street Carts (Mission)
Honorable Mention: Top Dog (Berkeley)
Favorite Cocktail: Rickhouse (Financial)
Favorite Burrito: Papalote (Mission)
Favorite Salsa: Cactus (Berkeley)
Favorite Salad: Cafe Milano (Berkeley)
Favorite Garlic FriesTaylor's Automatic Refresher (Ferry Building)
Favorite Oysters: Hog Island Oyster Co. (Ferry Building)
Favorite Fish Tacos: Fish (Sausalito)
Favorite Gnocchi: Julius' Castle (Now Closed)
Favorite Chinese: Dry Fried Chicken Wings at San Tung (Sunset)
Favorite Crab: Singapore Chili Crab at Strait's (Burlingame)
Favorite Dim Sum: Yank Sing (Financial)
Favorite Ramen: Katana-ya (Union Square)
Favorite Donuts: Apple Fritters at Bob's Donuts (Nob Hill)

February 15, 2012

Absolute Bagels

Have you ever had one of those dreams where it feels so real that you wake up and think it actually happened? I've had my fair share of those, including the ones most Sunday nights where I end up saving the world by fighting off zombies (most likely due to watching The Walking Dead).

Anyways, I had one of those dreams last night and it has left me in a bad mood. I'm hoping that some pinning and reality checking will turn my day around, just in time for me to sit through 3 hours of science lab. Ok ok, I'm trying here people. Maybe thinking of all of the love yesterday from Valentines Day will help? I can't see how it wouldn't...

Yesterday was super low key. Confession: I basically forgot it was Valentines Day. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I usually build everything up in my mind before each holiday and then get disappointed when nothing goes according to this plan that I haven't told anyone else about. Makes total sense.

For Breakfast, we walked to Absolute Bagels near campus. Many swear that these are some if not the best best bagels in Manhattan, including Travel & Leisure. While I'm still partial to Lenny's, there is no denying that these are pretty darn good. They are smaller but still doughy and chewy.

Absolute really shines with their cream cheese selection. They have containers full of homemade cream cheeses like strawberry, bacon & cheddar, and sun dried tomato among others.

I opted for what I consider to be an 'Anti-Valentines Day' combo: toasted onion bagel with garlic and herb cream cheese. Lucky for me, my boyfriend got the exact same thing. Boy did we smell after this.

The rest of the day was spent working, eating candy, and just hanging out. I really loved how low key it was. I didn't even buy cards, take that Hallmark!

How did you all spend Valentines Day? Do you like to celebrate in sweat pants at home or dress up and dine out for a fancy dinner? Regardless, I hope you had a great day and felt the love!

Absolute Bagels
2788 Broadway
(Between 107th & 108th)
(212) 932 - 2052

*Tip: If you head up, down, or over to Absolute, stop by Westside Market at 110th. It's my favorite market in NYC for fresh salads, sandwiches, etc.*

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